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Deer Hunting Tree Stands, Deer Hunting  Blinds and Deer Calls 

By Marty Prokop

I received a great question from Moses who is a www.Free-Deer-Hunting-Tips.com member.

Here is what he asked and my answer:


I was wondering what works better a ground blind or ladder tree stand? And does the Growler by Madd Call really work?



Here is my answer to Moses’ question:

Thanks for the great questions.

I have had great success using both ground blind and ladder tree stand. I’ll address both here.

Deer Hunting Tree Stand

I almost exclusively use the two-man ladder stands for deer hunting and have taken multiple deer from tree stands.

A key factor to successful deer hunting from any deer hunting tree stand is to make sure tree stands are placed long before the deer season begins and the tree stand site has good deer activity around it. Placing your deer hunting tree stand or multiple tree stands early allow deer to become accustom to your tree stand in their surroundings.

Once the deer hunting tree stands are in place, I drape the platform and shooting rails with camouflage burlap. The burlap act as walls and hide my movements while I am sitting in the tree stand and also provide wind break. If you wrap your tree stands with burlap or any material make sure you can access the tree stand safely.

Deer Hunting Ground Blinds

Deer hunting ground blinds have worked very well for me. I recently purchased a pop-up style deer hunting blind and placed it out for the 2006 deer hunting season. I saw many deer from the deer blind.

Make sure to place your hunting blind three to four weeks prior to your deer hunting season opener. Check your local hunting regulations to see if you can set up your hunting blind before your season opens.

If you use a pop-up style deer blind make sure the one you choose has large, camouflage, shoot-thru windows. It’s my experience that deer shy away from the black holes created by a window simply unzipped leaving a large opening.

I experimented with this on my pop-up style deer blind.

On some days I unzipped the window, and others I placed the shoot through-mesh in the window opening. During my deer hunting I saw more deer when I used the camouflage mesh versus an open window.

Build a Deer Hunting Blind

If you opt for a deer hunting ground blind made from native materials and you can create a very comfortable bunker with logs, branches and grasses. Build your deer hunting ground blind one month prior to your deer hunting season opener. This will allow deer to get used to seeing the ground blind in their area.

Make sure you check your state's hunting regulations to see if this is allowed in your area.

Growler Deer Calls

I have used many different calls in the deer hunting woods. I have not yet tried the Growler call.

I posted this question and am looking for comments from you at our Free Deer Hunting Tips.com blog at http://www.marty-prokop.com/archives/2007/01/does_the_buck_g.html or you can go to the home page at http://www.marty-prokop.com and look in the right hand column for the category of “deer calls and rattling.”

I have interviewed deer hunting legends who use the snort-wheeze with great success. Barry Wensel was the first to share the snort-wheeze with me during a recent interview. When I interviewed them, Larry “Mr. Whitetail” Weishuhn and Warren Strickland also mention the success they have had using the snort-wheeze.

The snort wheeze is a very effective call for mature bucks. I used it to call in a non-typical 8-pointer this past deer hunting season.

You will read more about how you can get your own copy of the live interviews with Barry Wensel, Larry Weishuhn and Dr. Warren Strickland in an upcoming newsletter from me.

Good Luck and Great Hunting.

Marty Prokop







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