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The Barnes Reloading Manual #3 has graphics that compare bullets path and energies to help you select the right bullet for you specific need. Another section features articles written by top outdoor and shooting authorities on subject you want to know such as: Hunting in Africa, Mounting your scope properly, Accuracy from handloads, Barrel cleaning tips,

Outdoor photography and many other things will also be covered in this invaluable section. Ballistic tables will be easier to find and read for your guns and loads. In all, this book promises to be one you will refer time and time again, both for load development and reading pleasure.



The Speer Reloading ManualThe Speer Reloading Manual contains more than 700 pages of how-to information, charts, illustrations, and photographs. The ballistics information contained within the manual is the result of countless hours of retesting to give you the most accurate and latest information on power loads, bullet data, bullet energy and velocity.

Also included in the manual are special techniques sections, a problem solving section and much more.



Nosler's Reloading Guide  Nosler's Reloading Guide  #5 Get the latest loads, with the latest powders and Nosler's newest bullet offerings . Contains data on 105 rifle and handgun cartridges with introductions by the industry's finest gun and hunting writers.




 Sierra 1155th Edition Rifle/Handgun Reloading ManualSierra 1155th Edition Rifle/Handgun Reloading Manual  This 1152 page manual retains the popular three-ring binder format and has been modernized with latest cartridge information, histories and reloading recommendations. The latest bullets, cartridges and powders make this manual a necessity in every reloader's library.






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